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Each day amidst the chaos of life, I am inspired by the beauty that surrounds.

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado; I nurtured a love of the great outdoors.

I could often be found in the hills around Boulder with my camera slung over one shoulder and my eye in the viewfinder.

I graduated from The Art Institute of Colorado in 1988, where I learned to take my view of the world and adapt it to a “real world” vision.

In the 90’s the births of my beautiful sons changed my focus and further reinforced my obsession with my camera,

as I captured each and every moment.

In 1999 I moved to Hawaii where I found beauty everywhere I looked; in the rust forming on an old monument, or the simple shape of a lone sneaker left lying on the sand. I began to focus on the faces of the children splashing in the waves; the determination of a slightly overweight boy learning how to surf, or the expression on the face of a child whose ice cream hit the sand before ever getting to taste its sweetness. I felt their emotion. With every snap of my shutter, I was telling a story!

When our country went to war in Iraq after the tragedies of 9-11 my stories began to take on a much more serious tone as I captured story after story of the families left behind. Living in a military community, the war was everywhere! The fences along the motor pools were lined with banners of well wishes and pride; the lots where once stood mile upon mile of Military Fighting Vehicles, were now empty. This was a story I needed to tell.

In 2005 Simone Robertson Photography was born. I began to shoot at local events.

Wounded warriors, and the surviving family members of way too many fallen heros, filled my viewfinder.

It became my life-blood to capture and share their stories.

In 2011, almost 6 years later, on the 10 year anniversary of that tragic day in September 2001, I took a longer than usual pause, to remember them.

And I take pause today, to remember them. And I count my numerous blessings as I open the "doors" of my virtual gallery.

I am back in my home state, on a quaint rural road, in a lovely peach valley, outside the little town of New Castle, Colorado.

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